Where does Mr Anakwe consult?

Mr Anakwe consults at a number of private hospitals in the London area.

His secretary will be able to help you find the most appropriate and convenient location.  Telephone 07903 699135 or email: PA.raymondanakwe@gmail.com

How do I get referred?

Mr Anakwe receives referrals from family doctors, other specialists and therapists however your insurance will usually require a referral letter from your general practitioner. Please check with them.

How long do I have to wait?

The average waiting time for a non emergency private referral is usually less than 7 days. Emergency injuries and elite athletes can be seen on the same day however this usually incurs additional costs.

What do I need for my first appointment?

Please bring your referral letter from your general practitioner or therapist, details of any ongoing treatment, your insurance details and the authorisation code provided by your insurance company.

How long will the appointment last?

The standard new patient consultation lasts up to 20 minutes. Some conditions are very simple and a thorough assessment and explanation can take much less time. Equally, if more time is required then Mr Anakwe will try to identify this in advance. The appointment should allow enough time to form an assessment and to allow you to ask any questions. Investigations and tests may take additional time if done on the same day.

How much does a consultation cost?

Mr Anakwe charges along agreed tariffs. Complex cases may involve additional costs but this will be identified in advance. Xrays , CT scans, MRI or other investigations may be required and often need specific approval from your insurance company.

What is the OPCS code that my insurer asked me to obtain?

The OPCS code relates to a particular operation. It is made up of a capital letter followed by four numbers. Mr Anakwe will be able to give you the code once a decision has been made to undertake surgery. In complex cases, you may be given more than one OPCS codes or your case may require special discussion with your insurer. Please pass the OPCS code onto your insurer once you have received it.

What should I bring with me on the day of the operation?

There may be a  wait of a few hours before surgery. We suggest bringing a book or some reading material. Patients staying overnight may wish to bring wash bags and toiletries.

Will I go to sleep?

Your surgery will be performed under local anaesthetic, regional anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic.

Local anaesthetic involves injecting an anaesthetic solution in the area where surgery is planned to dull the sensation in this area. The surgery is performed while you are awake but pain free.

Regional anaesthetic involves injecting an anaesthetic solution in the neck or arm pit to numb the arm. Once this has taken effect, the surgery is performed while the patient is still awake.

General anaesthetic involves putting the patient to sleep. In addition, a local anaesthetic solution or regional anaesthetic may be added in order to ensure good pain relief once you wake up.

 Who will do my operation?

Mr Raymond Anakwe will perform all private operations. He may be assisted by another surgeon.

 Who will I see after my operation?

Mr Anakwe will check on you after your surgery. You will be followed up in the outpatient clinic. You will be given clear instructions about wound and surgical dressings. Mr Anakwe usually reviews patients in the clinic at around the 10-14 day point although you will be seen sooner if required.

 What if there is a problem?

Complications are rare but do happen. If there is a problem we will do our best to correct it early. You are welcome to contact us directly or via the hospital switchboard should there be any concerns.

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